Maglificio Pisani is able to assist the client in each step of design and making of knitwear garments.


Processing stages

  • Design style based on drawings provided by the customer.
    The programming takes place on Shima Seiki Apex-3 softwares, which allow a more accurate programming, up to the 3D simulation of the knitting point
  • Developing of swatches for checking the pattern and find a good feeling
  • Size development
  • Knitting and quality control
  • Packaging and quality control of the finished garment
  • Wash. We pay special attention to make each garment really unique. We develop a dedicated washing program for each style, which enhances all the properties of each yarn is used
  • Labelling (by hand or by machine)
  • Ironing, packaging and shipping

"In all activities passion takes away most of the difficulties" - Erasmo da Rotterdam


The Maglificio Pisani’s machinery fleet is entirely made of Shima Seiki machinery, Japan's leading company worldwide for the manufacture of high-end machinery in the knitwear section. Technological renewal has always played a leading role in business priorities: continuous upgrading of the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility combined with the experience of skilled workers enables constant collaboration with fashion luxury brands.

The use of machinery to develop wholegarments, is very important; starting from accessories to seamless garments.

On all our machines there is the DSCS digital system, which allows to control the working speed of each stroke and keeps it within a tolerance of 1%, thus obtaining controlled dimensions. The DSCS is fundamental in the manufacture of each knitted and seamless garments, to ensure uniformity of measurements in every work and reordering items.

  • 1 SES 122 FF Fin. 12
  • 4 SES 122 RT Fin. 12
  • 7 SES 122 FF Fin. 8
  • 3 SES 122 RT Fin. 8
  • 1 SES 122 FF Fin. 7
  • 1 SES 122 RT Fin. 7
  • 5 SES 122 FF Fin. 6/ago 5
  • 2 NSSG Fin. 5
  • 4 NSWG/V Fin. 7
  • 1 First 124 Fin. 12
  • 2 First 123 Fin. 12
  • 4 SIG 122 SV Fin.12
  • 2 SIG122 SV Fin. 14
  • 2 WG 041 Fin. 15
  • 4 SIR 122 Fin. 8
  • 1 mach2S Fin. 14 (for seamless garments in Fin 8)
  • 3 mach2x Fin. 15 (for seamless garments in Fin 12)
  • 1 mach2x Fin. 8
  • 1 SWG 091N fin.10
  • 1 Gorteks electronic machine for pomp production